Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Assignment Six: DVD Reflection

ASSIGNMENT SIX: DVD Reflection- Included in your text is a DVD containing video clips of Regie’s conferences with writers in the classroom. There is a detailed commentary accompanying the DVD on page 336 of her text. Please watch the DVD and then look at her teaching notes beginning on page 336 (Regie suggests just watching without notes first so that you don’t miss what she and the students are doing.) After both watching and reading her notes, write your reflection and please post a copy of your DVD Reflection to the blog.

*NOTE: If you experience problems playing the DVD please refer to the Writing Essentials companion website at www.heinemann.com/writingessentials for directions for playing the DVD. Look in the upper right hand corner for the link.


  1. I think it is always good to watch other teachers teach because it makes me reflect upon my own teaching. While watching Regie conduct the whole-class share, I was impressed by the pace, her sincere comments, enthusiasm and overall demeanor. It is so obvious she has put a lot of time and thought into her profession and cares. I really like the language she uses, “Might be a good idea for some of you,” “I am going to give you a suggestion,” and “You have a real interesting story.” I find these to be encouraging comments that validate, empower, and guide students. Next, it was good to see during whole-class share how points of celebration naturally became learning opportunities for all students by helping them think about their own work.

    Concerning the spelling lesson with Derek and her conference with AlexSandra, I appreciate how Regie interacted with the students and raised expectations. However, I thought each were a long time. My guess is Derek was feeling the heat. Additionally, what about the rest of the class? I know they are supposed to be listening and there were other adults in the room, but I think 9 minutes is a long time for elementary aged students to stay constructively engaged in something that is not directly related to them. I would be concerned about classroom management issues. Where the teacher sits and establishing routines helps, but it is still a concern. I will try Regie’s ideas and borrow her language, but adapt them as I see fit.

  2. Hi Tom!

    We agree, watching other professionals in action is informative and often can help us improve our craft.

    Yes, many, many teachers have also voiced the same questions you posed above. It would be interesting to be able to ask Regie about them and hear her response. :D