Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hello and Welcome to our Course.

The official start to the term is Sept. 30th. We will be updating the blog with this term's Posts on this date. You are free to work ahead on the assignments and save them on your computer.

One of the benefits of the blog format for online courses is the discourse between students. We post only one or two assignments at a time in order to foster communication between the course participants.

If you do work ahead you will need to post your reflection on the blog when the corresponding assignment is posted.

If you have a question please email us and put "Question" or "REPLY NEEDED" in the subject line so we can get back to you in a timely fashion. We frequently scan our inbox for questions but wait to reply to assignments for when we have a good chunk of time. If there is no notation in the subject line of the email, we assume it is just an assignment.

You can expect us to reply to your reflection in about a week from when you submit it-- though at times it may be longer. Again, if you have any concerns or questions email us and note in the subject line that a reply is needed or that you need "Help."

A couple of notes:

We suggest you save your work in a word processing document before posting to the blog. There have been times where something happens and a post may disappear. (Having this saved makes it easier to repost.)

Some students have experienced problems posting using Firefox. There are work-arounds, but the easiest is just to use a different browser.

In order to make the blog easier to read, and more likely that other students will read and respond to your posts, we ask that you keep your assignment to the one allotted post.

Fall term starts 9/30

All work due 12/2

Grades available online  12/18

Here is the address to TINT's FAQ page which may have some useful information for you: 
We look forward to learning and working with you this term. :D

Mary and Jackie :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Assignment Nine: Final Course Reflection

Assignment Nine: Final Course Reflection
(All assignments are due by 8/20 !!!)

Take a look at the last section in Regie's text, Writing Essentials, it's chock full of great resources!!!

Teaching in Action: Lesson Essentials 5 Day Lesson Plans & Appendices

• Secrets of Second Graders• Heart Poems• Procedural writing• Hero writing• Persuasive writin• Appendix survey 

Be sure to look through this section. If you haven’t already done so, look at Appendix A (page A-2.) Re-examine your beliefs about writing by re-reading the statements about the writing process and marking true or false in your book. Did you change any of your previous answers? Would you consider bringing this page to your team or even to your entire school to jump-start discussions about writing? Take some time to look through the appendices. There are several useful examples included. One we’d like to point out to you is Appendix L- The Genre Characteristics Excerpt on page A-13. Look to the Writing Essentials companion website at for the entire chart as well as directions to assist you playing the DVD.

ASSIGNMENT NINE: Final Course Reflection - Critically examine your current literacy program and develop realistic goals to improve your instruction. Also reflect on the balance between your home and school life. If our students are to become happy, literate people, they need happy, balanced teachers. BRIEFLY, share several of your goals with the class by posting them to the blog for this final assignment.

Thanks for taking our course!!!! Mary & Jackie!